Healthy Brain, Body & Soul

Renee Norris, ND, CHS, M.S.,SLP

"You are only one defining decision away from a totally different life."

Mark Batterson

I am a recently retired speech-language pathologist who worked in long-term care rehabilitation facilities for 30 years.  The last decade of my career was eye-opening!  I began to see that more and more people who were being admitted to the nursing homes were my age then (mid-forties). These people were suffering from diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and morbid obesity.  They were young and alive, but not truly living. 


This was a huge wake-up call for me, so I began my own personal health-transformation journey.  I drastically changed my diet and reduced the toxic load on my body by eliminating potentially dangerous substances in my environment.  I also began studying to become a naturopath and certified health specialist and completed my degree in 2016 from Trinity School of Natural Health. 


I believe your mind, body, and soul all function together to make up your overall health.  All three need to be healthy in order for you to thrive. You only get one life this side of heaven, so if you want to be healthier and live fully in the life God gave you, I can help!  I can't promise it will be easy; but, I can promise it will be worth it.

Writing after retirement was always in my long-range plans and the time is now!  I have one self-published devotional book, "Hot Flashes and Jesus," and have recently written my first children's picture book, Mercy Shows Kindness (Tails of Mercy and Grace). At this stage in my writing career, I enjoy writing in many genres:  adult non-fiction, children's fiction, poetry, articles, and devotionals.

I live life to the fullest in Orange Beach, Alabama.  In addition to writing, I enjoy reading, beach-walking, paddle boarding, and solving world problems over morning coffee with my husband.  We have one spoiled Goldendoodle, Grace, and six grown sons who have flown the coop, gotten married, and are now producing the most beautiful grandchildren we've ever seen.


Why Alternative Medicine?

It can help with


Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of optimal health. Let me help you design a healthy plan.


Tired all the time?  A pill can't cure that.  Let's work together to find the root cause.


Toxic load is real.  I can teach you how to reduce the amount of toxins in your environment and your body.

Women's Health

Women's health concerns have reached epic proportions with an increase of auto-immune diseases, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity. I can help you reverse these chronic health issues.

Weight Loss

Put away the "one size fits all" plans like keto, paleo or diet pills. Learn how to eat for your own weight loss goals.


Reducing stress is what I call "soul work." I will teach you methods to reduce stress and calm your mind and body.