The Wizard of Oz and Family Affair

Two of my life-long lasting favorite memories are The Wizard of Oz and Family Affair.  So much so, that I replaced these childhood items (that were likely garage sale fodder in the 80's) a couple of years ago--courtesy of eBay.  I remember so well, sitting on our floral print couch, legs sticking straight out with book in hand, listening to the records on our old black and white TV/record player combo. In 1969, I would've been five years old.  My mom had already spent countless hours reading to me at this age, so I could easily follow along word for word.  Truly, there is no telling how many times I listened to these records and read this book!  When I received this set from eBay a few years back, I immediately put on the first record and started listening.  The cadence of the voices--every word, every pause and all the suspense was exactly as I remembered it as a child.  I was almost giddy listening to it!  I'm pretty sure I saw the movie before I ever got this set.  The anticipation of being able to watch it on TV was priceless.

I didn't ever have bad dreams.  The winged monkeys were scary, but I've always had a strong sense of reality and so those things never bothered me.  I loved the courage of Dorothy and was elated that she was able to defeat the wicked witch by melting her with a bucket of water.  I don't know how old I was when I finally realized that the cowardly lion, the scarecrow and the tin man were actually the helpers on her aunt and uncle's farm, but I do remember having that epiphany at some point.  The Wizard of Oz was a solid part of my childhood and it will always be my favorite story/movie of all time.

Family Affair first aired in September, 1966 and ran until 1971.  I would not have been 3 years old when it started so I didn't begin watching it until much later.  At the beginning of this year, I binge-watched every season.  I realized at that time that I had never seen the earlier years.  So precious!  Buffy and Jody were so little and cute!  I played with these paper dolls so much and look forward to introducing my little granddaughter(s) to these someday soon.  What a great, wholesome show with good life lessons in each episode!   At my young age then, I secretly wanted to live in a high-rise apartment building and go play in Central Park every day.  It was such a different world than mine.  Cissy was so pretty and someone to be admired as a little girl my age.  Uncle Bill, bless his heart, could be a little rough around the edges but he had been thrust into the role of a father with no experience whatsoever.  He had a big heart and always softened at just the right time.  I loved Mr. French, too.  He was a no-nonsense boundary setter, but loved and took care of the children like no other.  He even took care of Mrs. Beasley, Buffy's doll.  I can't help but think that the world has lost so much in its changing times.  Life was as it should be, in my opinion.  I guess every generation probably thinks the same way.  I'll just leave that there for you to think about.  For those of you who will, answer these questions:  What was your favorite childhood book/movie?  What toys or special moments do you have that are precious and deeply ingrained in your forever memory?

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